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Husband best friend fucked me

Husband best friend fucked me

In the story Friend Cheating Wife, I got my husband's friend to fuck my wet pussy. He had set my fuddi on fire with his words and actions.

Friends, Shama was telling you the story of her pussy fuck with her husband Manav's friend Vikas.

In the first part of the story,  my lust met my husband's friend,  till now you had read that I was in a hotel in Mumbai with my husband. On the other hand, his friend and partner Vikas made me yearn for his cock. But that bastard took my husband to his room that night and I was worried about my hot pussy.

Now further friend cheating wife story:

I was thinking to cool down my burning pussy and when I could not understand anything, I went to take a shower.

There I caressed my pussy remembering Vikas's cock for some time and poured cold water on the pussy but there was no much difference.

When I came back to the room, I checked my phone while resting my ass on the bed.

There were 4 notifications on it.

When I checked, four messages came from an unknown number, in which it was written that this is my number, don't go to sleep, I will set Manav in a short while and come back with some tricks.

The remaining two messages were also from Manav – did you sleep?

I first replied to Manav's message - No, I have just brought the shower, tell me what happened?

I didn't reply to Vikas, in the meanwhile another message came from him that I am placing a bet with your husband. If he asks, then say yes.

Still I didn't reply.

I was also angry and I could not even understand what he was talking about and what should I reply.

After some time another message came from Manav that if you have not slept then call me. Have to talk something.

I called at the same time, as soon as I picked up the phone, Manav said - tell me quickly what should I do. Development has put a condition. If we have to take Verma Saab's contract, then I will have to give him permission to prank you and if he wins in the prank, then whatever his condition will be. So I don't understand anything.

Remembering the matter of development, I said to Manav – You are thinking so unnecessarily. I will not let him win in the prank because he does not know that you have already told me about the prank.

My husband became happy with my answer and said - Ok, then you see.

He switched off the phone.

After about ten minutes the doorbell rang.

As soon as I opened the door, Vikas lifted me in his lap and started sucking my lips hard.

I was completely inebriated.

When I realized that we were standing in the corridor outside the room and both his hands were rubbing my ass, I asked him to go inside.

He came into the room carrying me in his arms.

As soon as he came inside, without taking me off his lap, he took off all my clothes and made me completely naked.

He slapped my fat and fair ass four times so tightly that both my butts turned red badly.

He took off his T-shirt while throwing me on the bed and himself became completely naked from above.

Seeing his gym fit body, I had completely surrendered myself to him.

I grabbed one of her nipples in my mouth and closing my eyes, I started sucking and licking her nipples.

Meanwhile, while caressing her back, my hand went a little down on her ass.

My eyes opened because now he was completely naked from below.

I didn't see anything and directly caught his eight inch cock in my hand.

His cock was so thick and burning like fire.

I was holding him with both hands as if I don't know since long I was longing to hold his cock in my hand.

As I went forward to take his cock in my mouth, Vikas pushed me back.

Moving towards him again I said- Please, let me suck your cock once, I am longing to suck your cock since long.

Vikas said - I told you that this cock will not be found so easily. You also have to do something.

I said - Yes, I am ready to do everything, tell me what to do. Just let me suck this cock now please!

He made me lie straight on the bed and touched his thick cock on my lips.

As soon as the smell of his cock came, I became crazy and my pussy left water.

Before I could open my mouth to take his cock, he backed away and lay down on the bed with me.

I quickly turned towards him and caught his cock in my hand again.

He started saying - If you really want this cock, then you have to do two things.

I said - what work?

He said - I enjoy making bets and winning the bet. I had made a condition with Verma that I can fuck Manav's wife anytime, if someone makes a good condition.

'Ok... more?

Vikas told- And anyway Verma wants to see you completely naked once because you teased him in the hotel lobby, showing your smooth fair legs and throbbing ass.

“Ullu Ka Patha Tarki Mota!” I said abusing Verma.

Vikas laughed and said - I thought that when I have to show him, why not show him completely naked while fucking.

I said - no you are mad, he will tell everything to my husband. Not like this and their contract can also be affected badly.

Vikas said – He is giving as many contracts as he can to your husband. He is giving me twice the money than that to strip you and show him naked.

I was surprised to hear this from him.

Really this Vikas is a very bad boy.

I thought in my mind that there is something in this rascal and his cock that even if it was wrong, I was ready to do what he was saying.

I told him- But in this your benefit is more… and what will I get, in this you will never be able to meet me after today!

She said- It is not so, the second condition I have imposed with your husband Manav is that if I win in pranking you, I will have my wish and in my wish I am going to ask you for 4-5 days… A good one to honeymoon.

I was shocked and said - Humans will never accept this thing... no no no it can never happen!

He again pulled me towards him and said - I have only told you, I am going to tell Manav that my cousin is getting married, so send my sister-in-law because there is no one to guide my cousin and help her in shopping. Not there.

I took a deep breath.

Vikas asked- First you tell, do you want to go with me… on the honeymoon as my wife?

I thought he wanted to make me feel special, so I said yes, but how will all this happen?

Vikas said- I find it very sexy to celebrate honeymoon with other's girlfriends and other's wives. Where for 5-6 days he fucks someone else's girlfriend or wife like crazy day and night… and there is no one to disturb them.

Hearing his words, my pussy was releasing water and my mind was saying that he wants to make you a mistress.

When Vikas said - Manav had told me that you are not planning a baby now, I have this fantasy that I should put the first seed in the pussy of any beautiful girl.

Hearing this I started sucking her lips without thinking anything.

I said softly in his ear - Ok call Verma. But don't tell him I know he's watching. Tell him to just watch silently and go back.


“If my husband also follows her along with her, there will be a big problem.”

On this, Vikas told that this will not happen.

He had already mixed sleeping pills in Manav's drink, by now he would be in a very deep sleep.

As soon as he said this, he messaged Verma to come.

As soon as I sent the message, a strange sensation ran through my body because I was doing all this for the first time.

Meanwhile, there was a sound of opening the door which Vikas had left open ever since he came, we both came to know that it must be Verma.

Vikas made me sit between his two legs and put his big cock in my mouth.

His cock was so big and thick that it was not going into my mouth.

Sucking cocks, I saw the notification in Vikas's phone which was lying on the bed right in front of me.

It was Verma's message, in which it was written that his ass turned towards me. I can't see at all.

With the other hand, I moved the phone towards Vikas and shook him lightly that the message had come so that even Verma would not know that I had given the phone.

After reading the message, Vikas threw the blanket down from the bed and picked me up and made me a mare on one side where my full thick smooth naked ass was now turned towards Verma standing near the door.

Now he was not only able to see my ass but also my pussy very well.

Vikas caught his big cock with one hand and kept my mouth on his heels because his big cock was not able to fit in my mouth.

I had never sucked anyone's ass before today, Vikas's ass was very thick and smooth as if it had been waxed.

There was a different smell coming from his ponies and they were also sweating lightly.

I was so desperate to fuck the cheating wife today that as if I had to fuck for the first time today.

I was getting very excited in my mind and was sucking and licking her ponies with so much love, as if there was some honey on the ponies.

After licking his ass well for a long time, when I removed my face, he stood up and lifted me in his lap.

When he lifted me in his lap, my slight glance went towards the door, then Tharki Verma was taking off his pants till his knees and was rubbing his 5-6 inch cock.

But now it was not making any difference to me, on the contrary it was feeling good.

Some strong guy is giving cock in my pussy; And the other one, who can't get my pussy, was enjoying just watching.

Meanwhile, Vikas had held me up with one hand and with the other hand he had rubbed his thick cock's supara on my pussy a couple of times.

My pussy had released more water, which was already very wet.

"Yes, now this pussy is completely ready to take my cock."

Saying this, Vikas kept my pussy on his cock and in one stroke pushed me towards the entire cock.

“Oui maa mar gayi ahh hh…”

in one go as if she tore my pussy.

I dug my nails into his strong shoulders and completely exhausted fell on his shoulder.

He had lifted me slightly upwards for the second blow that I fell in the first blow by saying 'ah ah ah'.

Hearing my screams… and seeing me ejaculating in one stroke, Verma's cock also ejaculated.

After a few moments, he slowly went out of the room.

As soon as Verma went out of the room, Vikas caught me by the waist and started sucking my chubby blonde fat moms.

He sucked my nipples so hard that they became completely red and tanned so much that I started feeling pain.

I was now ready for the next jerk of his cock. I was still sitting on his cock in his lap and his entire cock was in my pussy.

He held me by the waist and gave the next blow, which he gave slowly so that my pussy could release some more water.

After giving two jerks lovingly, my pussy was again completely wet and Vikas gave some jerks very fast.

When I was screaming, Vikas jerked his cock out of my pussy.

As soon as the cock came out, only the pichkari was released from my pussy.

Vikas made me a bitch by throwing me on the bed and as soon as I made a bitch, he again put his entire cock in my pussy.

I buried my face in the pillow so that my screams would not come out.

But while fucking fast, Vikas removed my pillow and started saying that he wants to fuck me more loudly, shouting his heart out.

After licking my pussy like a bitch for a long time, he sprinkled all his goods on my mouth and on my white fat moms.

His goods turned out to be so much that I was completely filled with his goods.

A lot of goods went inside my mouth as well, which I found very tasty.

He sprayed so much stuff that I had to go take a shower.

Now I had brought the shower.

We both were lying on the bed completely naked sticking to each other.

I was caressing his ponies by hand and was telling him how much goods are filled in them, I have fallen in love with your ponies only. I have licked someone's ass for the first time in my life, I feel like just sucking your ass.

He started saying - then suck, who has stopped?

“No baba no! If I suck your ass, your cock will get tanned again and my pussy no longer has the courage to take such a big cock inside again.

"Hahaha …"

After a few moments, Vikas laughingly slapped my ass and said – When will your ass be useful… Now we will give rest to the pussy.

I said - no! Till date, I have not got anyone done in the back and the back gives a lot of pain, I have heard that.

Vikas said - Once you got me killed, then you would like to get killed only ass. I guarantee this.

Avoiding his words, I said - Let's see that, now you have to take me on honeymoon also. There should be some honeymoon special too. Anyway it's getting late, you should go to your room. If my husband's eyes open and he comes suddenly, then there will be a mess.

Vikas dressed and left.

Husband best friend fucked me

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