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Teen sex stories- horny aunt fucked me.

my name is Aditya and I live in Ahmedabad.

This story happened when I had fucked my aunt for the first time.

So without wasting any time let me tell you the Desi Aunty Chudai story.

I am a young boy of 21 years old, just finished my studies and now I am engaged in family business.

I look very smart, and my penis is 6.5 inches.

My aunt's age will be around 42 years, she has 1 son and he is still in school.

Aunty is very beautiful and fair in appearance, whosoever can be fooled at first sight, her boobs might be of 34″ and her figure is also very good.

Earlier, my eyes were not bad about aunt, but some such incidents happened that my mind became to fuck her.

My uncle sits all day on business.

Was in the office with my uncle once. That's why the weather was like light rain.

Aunt's call came to uncle.

Then uncle said to me - You go to my house quickly, your aunt's health is bad and it is raining so she cannot go out. He has some work and today Ayush is also not at home.

So I quickly went to uncle's house, on the way I was half drenched.

I reached their house, then went inside and started looking for the aunt.

Aunt was not in the kitchen so I went to her bedroom.

I saw that aunt's health was really bad.

Then I checked her and said - Aunt, your health is really bad, why didn't you go to the doctor?

Aunt said - Your uncle didn't take you, he had to go to office early, that's why!

I again asked him - Tell me, what was the work?

Aunt said - Bring the clothes that have been put to dry on the roof above.

I quickly went and got the clothes.

Then I told her - Aunt, you drink hot tea from my hand, you will like it.

I quickly went and got the clothes.

Then I told her - Aunt, you drink hot tea from my hand, you will like it.

At first the aunt refused and then agreed.

So I went to the kitchen to make tea.

After making tea, I gave it to my aunt and also took it myself.

Then aunt said - Thank you, I am feeling really good.

I said - see, I have magic in my hands.

Then we both started drinking tea laughing.

I was leaving after the tea was over.

Then aunt said - wait for a while! It's still raining, how will you go outside getting wet?

I also thought that it is better to stay here for a while than to get wet.

Then we both started talking while sitting in the room.

I was already wet so aunt saw that my T-shirt was a little wet.

Aunt said to me - why is he sitting wearing such a wet T-shirt? Wear your uncle's T-shirt from there.

I said - No aunt, I am fine like this.

Aunty - what's right! Do you want to be sick like me? Let's get dressed quickly.

Then I took uncle's t-shirt and was going to change in another room.

That's why aunt said - change here, I will close my eyes.

I said - no aunt, there is no such thing.

Aunt- Then should I keep my eyes open?

Me- do what you want to do!

We both laughed.

Then I turned to the other side and started taking off my T-shirt.

Only then I saw in the mirror in front of the bed that aunt was looking at me with very sensual eyes.

After seeing him, my mind also started looking at him with lustful eyes.

Then I quickly changed my t-shirt and went and sat next to my aunt.

We talked here and there. In between, he asked me if I had a girlfriend or not.

I said - I don't have any girlfriend... I am single yet!

Then they asked me for hot water.

I went to the kitchen and brought some hot water for him.

Then to check her, I put my hand on her neck and she shook completely.

I asked - what happened aunt?

Perhaps a man must have touched her after a long time, that's why she let out a sigh.

Aunt said - nothing happened.

I said - ok aunty, but you are very hot now.

Aunt was shocked and said - what?

I said - I mean you have high fever.

Aunt - I had understood something else.

I said - what did you understand?

Aunt said - Hey idiot, I thought you were giving me a compliment.

I said - no aunt, how can I give you a compliment.

Aunt said - Why, I look so old to you?

I said - no aunt, you are still young, no one will be able to tell that you have a 15 year old son too.

Aunt said - well, then why was he afraid of giving a compliment?

Me- I thought you would scold.

Aunt- Oh mad, if he is so shy then he will not be able to do anything further.

I asked - what does it mean next?

Then uncle came and came straight to the room.

Our talk remained incomplete and I remained in thought.

Then after some time I went to my house.

But I was remembering that aunt's further talk again and again. I thought that whenever I meet my aunt, I will definitely ask.

Then after 2 days uncle told that now aunt has completely recovered.

Only then I remembered that I would have to ask my aunt about this next thing.

I messaged aunt – what happens next?

Aunt's reply came - Hey, are you still thinking this? You do one thing, if you are free now, then come to my house. I tell! And don't tell your uncle that you're coming home.

I said - ok, I am coming.

Then I left from there on the pretext of uncle and went straight to aunt's house.

Aunt was alone at home, Ayush had gone to school.

I went to her bedroom calling aunt.

Aunt was sitting there on the bed and she was wearing pink color saree.

I just kept looking at them.

She had kept her hair open and lipstick was also applied.

Her blouse was very short so I could see more of her body.

Seeing me staring, aunt said - what is he looking like, never seen a girl in saree before?

I said - I have never seen anyone more beautiful than you.

She laughed a little and dragged me to the bed and made me sit.

Now I started asking - what was that next thing?

So aunt said - Hey idiot, I was talking about fucking.

I was shocked to hear the word 'chudai', I did not expect the word 'chudai' to come from aunt's mouth like this.

Seeing me shocked, aunt asked - why have you never had sex?

I regained consciousness and said - No aunt, I only watch videos.

She was also making sounds of 'ummm... ahhh... ahhh h...' and I was licking my pussy with pleasure.

After licking like this for 5 minutes, I got some salty taste, then I understood that the aunt has fallen.

I drank all their water and lay down on top of them.

He said - you lick pussy very well.

I said - I just saw in the video how to lick.

He asked- haven't you seen 'Chodate Kaise Hain'?

I said - have you seen it?

Aunt said - then fuck me quickly! And don't torture your queen!

I said - come on then spread your legs my whore!

He quickly spread his legs and I came on his pussy with my cock.

I set the cock on her pussy and gave a push.

As soon as I pushed, half of my cock went into her pussy and she screamed 'Ahh... Oui maa... Mar gayi re...'.

I said - If you want to enjoy then there will be pain, won't it my dear!

Aunt said - I am not used to taking such a big cock, your uncle's is very small!

Then I gave another push and my whole cock went inside tearing her pussy.

This time I screamed even louder.

There was no one in the house, so there was nothing to worry about.

Then I started pushing slowly.

Aunt also started supporting me now, she was also getting fucked with pleasure.

I then increased the speed of my bumps and started thrusting in and out.

The echo of 'ahh… aahh… ahh…' was heard in the whole room.

After getting fucked like this for 5 minutes, aunt said - let me come on top of you, my back is hurting.

Then I came down and aunt sat on top of me.

Then she set my cock on her pussy and sat on the cock itself.

Aunty was jumping on top of me, I was enjoying below and fucking with pleasure.

I was pressing both her boobs together and she was also bending down and giving her boobs in my mouth and kissing in between.

After fucking like this for 10 minutes, I told my aunt - I am about to ejaculate.

Aunt said - go inside, anyway there will be no problem.

Then after some time I fell inside and aunt also fell and just like that she lay on top of me.

He kissed me and said thank you.

I said - why thank you?

Aunt said - I did not fuck for the last 4 months.

I said why? Uncle doesn't fuck you?

Aunt - No!

I said - despite having such a sexy wife, don't fuck.

Aunt said - He does not care about my youth.

I said - no problem, now I am here… whenever you want, call me, and you will give me pussy even if I want.

Aunt said - from now on this pussy is yours only. Whenever you feel like it, come and fuck me… I am always ready for your cock.

Then I said - kiss me once more on the cock!

He took my cock in his hand and once again sucked it and kissed it.

Then we got dressed.

It was time for uncle to come, so I also left.

Now whenever I feel like calling my aunt and do desi aunty fuck.

Teen sex stories: horny aunt fucked me

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